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     After being born and initially growing up in Southern California, Charles Godfrey began studying drums and percussion at the age of 10 when he moved to El Paso, Texas. He was inspired by his Grandfather, Bruce Lee Godfrey Jr., who was an amateur drummer for big bands and orchestras after serving in WWII. With the brief experience he gave him, Charles began to take courses and involved himself in a few immersion camps in West Texas. Soon after, he was playing and performing in garage bands, Drum lines, Orchestras and Jazz groups. Upon finishing High school, he continued performing in local bands and opened Whisper Studios in East El Paso with band mate Gabe Duran. Together, they recorded themselves and other local bands to practice their recording techniques while also honing their social skills in the local scene.
     While working as a chef in Italian restaurants and studying business at the University of Texas at El Paso, Charles found an opportunity with Guitar Center and helped open the El Paso store in 2006. Being in a management position, he found himself in conversation with Sonic Ranch owner and director Tony Rancich. After a short trial period, he began work at Sonic Ranch Studios, just east of El Paso, in March 2006 as a drum tech and Assistant Engineer. With his prior musical and recording experience, he quickly rose from drum tech and house engineer. In late 2016, He moved to Austin, Tx and opened a studio named Scary American Studios in East Austin.
     Over the years, Charles cut his teeth engineering noted artists such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sublime With Rome, Swans, Dirty Heads, Har Mar Superstar, Mudvayne and Cannibal Corpse. He now lives in both Austin and El Paso, TX where he continues to develop his craft with many of the bands he engineers and produces.